Advanced Chlorine-free, Chemical-free, Natural Swimming Pools

Each of our non-chlorine system is available in three models; 'Classic', 'Plus', and 'Ultra'. See below for different sizing options and manufacturer suggested retail prices. Howver, substantial discounts are available for prepaid direct shipments. Call today for a quote and our lowest available prices. Join the chlorine-free movement and see why natural pools are so popular. You will agree that it’s the best investment one can make in their pool.

The CL-Free pool system can treat up to 40,000 gallons. Additional flow chambers can be added for larger pools. The manufacturer offers individual, trouble-free customer support during every installation, and ensures customer satisfaction and quality assurance. The CL-free is backed by one of the best warranties in the industry: 5-Year Full warranty on the Digital Controls and Titanium Electrodes, and 1-year warranty on the Copper Electrodes.

CL-Free Classic: Digital Controls and Flow Chamber
CL-Free Plus: Digital Controls, Flow Chamber, pH Monitoring
CL-Free Ultra: Digital Controls, Flow Chamber, automated pH Management

CL-Free Classic MSRP $2499.00
Lowest available prices by phone

The Bionizer pool system can treat pools up to 160,000 gallons. Models are available in sizes to handle 10k, 20k, 40k, 80k, or 160k gallon pools. With the addition of the Eco-Oxidizer, you will have the most comprehensive purification possible and eliminate the need for chlorine or residual sanitizers. Bionizer offers an unheard of 90-day Money Back Guarantee and 5-year warranty. Bionizer systems are sold in over 17 countries in every kind of climate.

Bionizer Classic: Control Module and Biopod Cartridge
Bionizer Plus: Control Module, Biopod Cartridge, and Eco-Oxidizer
Bionizer Ultra: Control Module, Biopod Cartridge, Eco-Oxidizer, pH-BOSS automation

10k Bionizer Classic MSRP $1145.00
Lowest available prices by phone

Five Year Warranty Chlorine Free Pool Saltwater Free Pool 100% Eco Friendly 5 Star Customer Support
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