Advanced Chlorine-free, Chemical-free, Natural Swimming Pools
Our non-chlorine swimming pool systems protect and purify your swimming pool, creating the most natural swimming experience possible. They are the most advanced way to have a chemical-free pool; they work without using chlorine, salt, ozone, or ultra-violet radiation. You can have a consistently crystal-clear pool that is completely non-toxic, 100% eco-friendly, and completely effective - unlike traditional pool sanitization systems, which use caustic chemical agents to destroy biological organisms in the water. This proven technology is similar to the equipment used to produce high-quality bottled water. The automatic electronic controls ensure your pool is always clean and sparkling water while killing algae, bacteria, and viruses. We offer two unique systems; read on to learn more, or call our friendly pool experts today!





For pools up to 40,000 gallons
            (additional Flow Chambers
            available  for  larger pools)

Models: Classic
             Plus (pH Sense)
             Ultra (pH Management)

CL-Free systems are hybrid purification devices that incorporate pure oxygen creation and copper ionization that keep your pool crystal clear and free of algae. They offer more power than comparable systems and are easier use, more reliable, and more durable. The system consists of two components: the Digital Control Unit, which controls the in-line Flow Cell. CL-Free Plus models add equipment to monitor pH levels in the water, and Cl-Free Ultra models go one step further to actively manage high pH levels.

Copper Ionization
Copper is the premiere method with which to eliminate algae, and is the main ingredient in almost every popular pool algaecide product. Copper has been used for centuries to purify water, and copper ions became popular as an algaecide over the last fifty years after being developed by the Apollo Space Program to provide safe drinking water. The Digital Control Unit’s microprocessor controls the production of copper ions into the water that passes through the hybrid Flow Cell. This water returns to the pool, where the copper ions remain to provide latent algae protection.

The level of copper ions is precisely maintained at a healthy level, less than 2/10 parts per million. At this level, you could drink two and a half gallons of pool water and not even get the minimum daily requirement of copper!

Titanium / Platinum Oxidation
The platinum-coated titanium plates in the hybrid Flow Cell use the process of electrolysis to create two powerful methods that treat the swimming pool water. A small electric charge between the two plates creates an electro-physical separation of the water molecules (H2O) into free oxygen molecules and hydroxyl radicals (OH). It is this process which also eliminates body oils, sun screens, tanning lotions, and other organic material. These two powerful oxidizers are natural, non-caustic cleaners that will keep your pool wholesome and clearer than you ever thought possible.


Chlorine-Free Pool Systems

Sizes available for pools up to:
10,000 gallons
20,000 gallons
40,000 gallons
80,000 gallons
160.000 gallons

Models: Classic
             Plus (w/ Eco-Oxidizer)
             Ultra (w/ Eco-Oxidizer & pH-BOSS)

Bionizer systems are hybrid ionization systems that purify the water using both copper and silver ions. Every time your pump runs, your water passes through an electrolytic cell that automatically destroys bacteria, pathogens, and algae. Its natural mineral ions continue to reside in the pool to maintain water purity. The system consists of two components, the Biopod Cartridge and its digital Control Module. The Bionizer Plus model adds the Eco-Oxidizer, which eliminates the need for any additional chemical oxidizers. In addition, the Bionizer Ultra includes the pH-BOSS to monitor and maintain pH levels.

Silver Ionization
Along with Copper Ionizatoin (see left section), Silver Ionization is a superior and well-established method of water purification. Silver ions are powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial agents; new-born babies are given Dilute Silver Nitrate to protect against infection, and Silver Sulfadiazine is used to protect hosipital patients with severe burns. Silver has even played a role in water purification since Classical times. Mainstream introduction of silver ionization occured after the Apollo Space Program utilized the technology to clean and purify on-board water supplies.

The Bionizer Eco-Oxidizer utilizes a set of MMO-Coated Titanium Oxy cells to keep your poolwater fresh and healthy, while removing "hazy" water conditions caused by oils, lotions, perspiration, and swimmer waste. This system also eliminates chloramines and trihalomethanes.

Ionization and natural oxidation ensures a pristine, sparkling pool, without the danger or expense of harsh chemicals. Easier, safer, and more effective than chlorine, bromine, ozone, or Baquacil. Compare to different systems!
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